What do they like?

This beautiful picture book encapsulates the mischief, adventure and love in the charming animated series. 

From the writer and director of the show, Harry Sinclair, we learn what Kiri and Lou like!

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Flowers and Flowers and Flowers

Flowers and flowers and flowers!  In this gorgeous board book there are so many shapes and sizes and colours, Lou could sniff flowers for hours!

This beloved character from the charming series, Kiri and Lou, sniffs and whuffs his way through the forest.

Giant Activity Pad

Come along on an adventure with your favourite prehistoric friends, Kiri and Lou! With 32 pages of colouring and activities and over 120 stickers, this Giant Activity Pad is guaranteed fun!

Ultimate Colouring Book

Join Kiri and Lou and their forest friends in this Ultimate Colouring Book! Swing on vines with Kiri and nap with Lou throughout this book with over 60 pages of colouring!

Womp Womp Womp

Do you know the way to fix those grumpy wumpies? There’s a very muddy place that always cures lumpy dumpies! Come with Kiri and Lou for a walk along the womp womp womp. There’s really nothing quite so lovely as a swamp swamp swamp.